About AMG World

AMG World is a global business intelligence company which accelerates the performance of individuals and organisations by facilitating interactive learning experiences for senior executives via state-of-the-art, high-velocity, high-intensity business meetings, seminars and masterclasses.


AMG World is centred around the need for executives and corporations to be continually increasing their knowledge and methodology for executing leading-edge business processes in order to accelerate their performance in an ultra-competitive world.  

AMG is an acronym for Aggregated Marginal Gains: a process of breaking down any discipline, sporting challenge or business function into numerous discrete, constituent parts, and then improving each in order to yield the aggregated benefits of these endeavours.  

It’s principal proponent is Sir David Brailsford, formerly Performance Director of British Cycling, and currently General Manager of Team Sky, the British professional cycling team.

Our philosophy is simple: We believe that an organisation is a sum of it’s parts, and by striving for excellence in every business process, you will achieve success.

Innovative Content

All of our content is created specifically for the sectors that we serve - AMG World collaborates with an extensive network of thought-leaders who are innovators in their respective fields. All content is tailored to our audiences meaning that we deliver interactive forums which address specific business needs. We leave no stone unturned.

Creating Connections

At AMG World, we recognise that some of the most valuable information is shared behind closed doors. Our events provide an opportunity to meet executives from around the world who are all facing similar challenges, allowing you to create a meaningful network of connections beyond AMG World’s events.

Interactive Formats

In addition to best-in-class business intelligence, AMG World also offers you access to experts in your field - our events are specifically designed to encourage participation allowing you to find solutions to the challenges facing your organisation. Our strategy meetings, masterclasses and summits are a perfect opportunity to address the complexities of today’s rapidly evolving business landscape.


Simon Wright

CEO at AMG World

Ariel Macalindong

Chief Operating Officer at AMG World

Richard Jones

Group Marketing Director at AMG World

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