AMG World – Blockchain in the Automotive Industry Masterclass


This is a one-day, instructor led, masterclass on Blockchain in the automotive industry. It is intended for those with little, if any prior knowledge of the topic and is business, rather than technical, focused.

Training outcomes

  • Able to explain what a Distributed Ledger is and understand the main components of a blockchain
  • Have an appreciation of how a blockchain can be used
  • Be able to determine if a process is suitable for blockchain
  • Have an awareness of blockchain adoption in the Automotive industry

Course scope

  • Core components of blockchains
  • Understand the (current) key issues around deployment
  • Appreciate the main protocols
  • Gain insight into primary use cases
  • See examples of technology exploration and adoption
  • Workshop element to explore prospective use cases in Automotive sector

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With over 25 years of commercial experience in a variety of industries, including retail, pharmaceuticals, commodities trading and insurance, Gary has acknowledged expertise in Business Intelligence, Data Analytics and Business Analysis. He is a Chartered IT Professional (CITP) and is well recognised in the Blockchain / Distributed Ledger Technology arena, with particular expertise in the...
Blockchain for Automotive Masterclass
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